LBC’s 2019 Playoff Predictions Contest: Round Three

jupiterfins takes the second round of the contest by a hair

With the San Jose - Colorado series in the books, and the Sharks moving on to face St. Louis, the third round of the Stanley Cup playoffs are all set, but first, let’s get to the second round results of LBC’s annual playoff predictions contest.

Jupiterfins was the second round winner, going a perfect 4-0 with one bonus points for a total of 13 points. Superfan matched that total by also going 4-0 and garnering a bonus point. But, jupiterfins gets the nod by hair, coming closer to the total goals tiebreaker from the Boston-Columbus series.

Amazing job, you two! Calling all four series in the correct amount of games is impressive stuff.

Honorable mention goes out to Barkovthe18yearold (12) who picked three winners and called all three series in the correct amount of games to get a round-high three bonus points. SymmGod and Last Rat Standing also posted 3-1 records.

If you didn’t enter the first two rounds, no problem... you can jump in right now. There are round by round winners, in addition to an overall winner at the end.

Round Two Results

·       jupiterfins   13 (won tiebreaker)

·       Superfan   13

·       Barkovthe18yearold   12

·       SymmGod     9

·       Last Rat Standing    9

·       #1FloridaPanthersfan   8

·       Panther_fan93  7

·       sterling59           7

·       Brent Temple    7

·       davidknight1304   7

·       AussiePantherFan   7

·       Najski   6

·       Catatonic Catalyst  6

·       dontpbg              6

·       Mike2theL          4

·       merlin94             4

·       JimboCoppertone    4

·       DayZeroPantherFan   4

·       thebiz34        4

·       Todd Little         4

·       joerockhead      3

·       Jots07  3

·       NDPanther    3

·       Zim!      3

·       meisenbergpanthers   3

·       BonkiOne           3

·       MichaelVal         0

·       Calvey  0

·       pucknball            0

·       Jeff Lipson          0

·       HabsCat              0

·       Diehardfan1957      0

·       sabercat             0

Round Three

  • Carolina Hurricanes vs Boston Bruins
  • St. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks/

The scoring for the third round will remain the same, three points for a correct prediction and a bonus point for calling the winner in the correct amount of games. The tiebreaker this time will be the total amount of goals scored in the Bruins-Hurricanes series. Since we are a Panthers blog, we’ll keep it closer to home with the Eastern Conference series. Please enter your picks in the comment section mirroring the example below. Remember, there is a round-by-round winner and an overall winner at the end, so even if you didn’t enter or do so good in the first or second round, get or stay in the game. Good luck!

Example Picks

Bruins (6) total goals: 33

Sharks (7)