LBC’s 2020 Florida Panthers / NHL Draft First Round Open Thread

Cats ready to go virtual with the 12th overall pick

Thanks for joining us as the Florida Panthers begin what will be a two-day process of bolstering their prospect ranks Or perhaps, with new general manage Bill Zito at the helm, they could address more immediate concerns via trade. The Panthers are currently slated to make a total of eight picks this weekend.

After selecting goaltender Spencer Knight with the 13th overall pick last year, the Cats have the 12th overall pick tonight.

Tonight’s First Round will begin at 7 p.m. with NBCSN broadcasting for those of us in the United States.

There are multiple teams with multiple picks (Ottawa and New Jersey have three!) so this first round could get very interesting.

The 2021 Draft is upon us. Keep it here all night. Enjoy!

First Round Order

1. NY Rangers

2. Los Angeles

3. Ottawa (from San Jose)

4. Detroit

5. Ottawa

6. Anaheim

7. New Jersey

8. Buffalo

9. Minnesota

10. Winnipeg

11. Nashville

12. Florida

13. Carolina (from Toronto)

14. Edmonton

15. Toronto (from Pittsburgh)

16. Montreal

17. Chicago

18. New Jersey (from Arizona)

19. Calgary

20. New Jersey (from Vancouver via Tampa Bay)

21. Columbus

22. NY Rangers (from Carolina)

23. Philadelphia

24. Washington

25. Colorado

26. St. Louis

27. Anaheim (from Boston)

28. Ottawa (from NY Islanders)

29. Vegas

30. Dallas

31. San Jose (from Tampa Bay)

NBCSN Draft Broadcast (7 p.m. ET)

SBNation NHL Complete Network Coverage

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