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18-18-10 (46 Points) 19-20-8 (46 Points)

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Discuss tonight's Panthers game in real-time after the jump...

Was doing my best to check things out at the Lightning's official site but apparently some issues have cropped up. Hopefully they get it all straightened out before the puck drops.

If you haven't yet left for the game keep in mind the Panthers are collecting donations for victims of the Haiti earthquake, as well as hosting their annual blood drive.

Speaking of earthquake relief: please check this out over at Silver Seven - SBN's Senators site. Peter has a brilliant fundraising push going on tonight that I was unfortunately not able to assist in promoting beyond this quick mention. Bravo, and beautiful work Sens fans.


Have you checked the children?

John and Cassie are ready for some old-skool payback over at Raw Charge, so give 'em a holler. Or a Haller. Might help the cause.

Any chance in the world Steve Downie is allowed to roast Stephen Weiss for another sixty minutes? Look for a third "Steve" to enter the fray.

No local TV tonight (nothing says "hot divisional rivalry" like a blackout) so warm up CenterIce or GameCenter. Randy's still got his gig at 790, too.

Go Cats.