Link: Tallon had "no plan" for Blackhawks' future (other than that under-the-radar Cup thing)

The "one Cup is not enough" train rolls on, this time from the Daily Herald's Barry Rozner (via Kukla):

Dale Tallon should get all the credit for finding and drafting the talent that brought a Cup to Chicago, and for that we should be grateful.

But the dismantling of the team also is on the shoulders of Tallon, who was incapable of looking into the future and seeing what he was doing to the payroll, when it was so painfully obvious to the rest of the league.

And only those slurping Kool-Aid by the tanker-full during the Tallon era didn't see the incompetence, unwilling to admit there was no plan in place.

At least they "should be grateful". Much more angst directed at the first-term NHL general manager at the link above, including this bit of Tao logic:

With years of careful planning and spending, perhaps the Hawks could have won it and kept more of their players.

Perhaps they could, Lois. Perhaps they could.

Wow...that just flat sucks for the Cats; if we're to read this correctly, had Dale done his job - as hindsight evidently demands in Big Bad Chicago, where crowds like this were standard MO prior to Tallon's makeover - the Blackhawks would be staring down an obvious and unquestionable second Stanley Cup win ten months from now (sheath your swords, Sharks and Wings!). So, duh, all the in-your-face hoopla this summer means nothing unless it can be repeated a year later. Gotcha.

Better send this raving madman to the US-1 curb quickly before he wreaks similar results with the Panthers. Hate to have only a single Stanley Cup to argue cap space issues over several hours-days-weeks-months later. What a tremendous jones.

In light of the Blackhawks' remarkable "fall" (still haven't played a game, right? Just checking...) are you thoroughly fatigued with the Blame Tallon campaign?

Yes - this is beyond ridiculous; a vocal minority of CHI fans and media getting bunged up over a season which hasn't begun. Um, that championship run of a few months ago? Anyone?89
No - Tallon may have brought together many of the pieces but did so questionably in several cases, hamstringing the club's short-term future27
Don't Know - ask me in a year25