LBC Predictions Contest: Pick the Stanley Cup winner

The battle for Lord Stanley's chalice is down to Pittsburgh and San Jose

After a very exciting playoff run, it's down to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks, who are making their first-ever appearance in a Stanley Cup final.

The series gets started on Monday so now is the time to start getting your picks in. Once again, we'll be looking for the winner, number of games for elimination and total goals in the series.

Unfortunately, my spreadsheet for the contest is on my work computer and I won't be back in the office until Tuesday so we'll have to wait to see who won Round Three until then. Don't worry, you'll get your own article post, like the winners of the first two rounds. Chances are it came down to the total goals tiebreaker. I'm pretty sure (but not positive) ex-staffer Shane got both series right to maintain his overall lead, but there are definitely a few others still in the chase for the top spot.

Here are the staff picks from the LBC crew:

Todd: San Jose in six games. Total goals in series: 34. My head is saying Penguins, but I am going for the Sharks. Time for some new blood.

Donny: Pens in six. Total goals: 35. Heart says Sharks in honor of their long-suffering fanbase (and big props to Pete DeBoer) but Pittsburgh appears dialed in tightly.

Jan: Sharks in five. Total goals: 25

Kevin: San Jose in seven. Total goals: 33

Francisco: Penguins in 7. Total goals in series: 30. I've been following Pittsburgh throughout the playoffs as my brother-in-law is a Pens fan, and have to say that I don't believe the Sharks can defeat them though it will be one heck of a fight.

2016 Stanley Cup Final Schedule
GAME 1 Mon. May 30 at Pittsburgh 8 p.m. ET; NBC
GAME 2 Wed. June 1 at Pittsburgh 8 p.m. ET; NBCSN
GAME 3 Sat. June 4 at San Jose 8 p.m. ET; NBC*
GAME 4 Mon. June 6 at San Jose 8 p.m. ET; NBCSN
GAME 5 Thurs. June 9 at Pittsburgh 8 p.m. ET; NBC**
GAME 6 Sun. June 12 at San Jose 8 p.m. ET; NBC**
GAME 7 Wed. June 15 at Pittsburgh 8 p.m. ET; NBC**