LBC’s 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions Contest: Stanley Cup

dontpbg kills it to win Round 3

Alright Florida Panthers fans, the time has come to make your selections for the Stanley Cup round of the Litter Box Cats annual playoff predictions contest.

The contest is done round-by-round and there is an overall winner at the end of the playoffs, so make sure to stay in the game if you want to have a chance at ending up top Cat this year.

Before we get to the final round format, let’s congratulate dontpbg for winning the third round of the contest with an impressive bit of prognosticating.

dontpbg finished with a total of 19 points, correctly calling both series winners and  getting a bonus point for picking Tampa Bay in six games and then another three points for tabbing Steven Stamkos as the skater with the game-winning goal in the Lightning-Rangers series. The selection of Stamkos paved the way to victory. Excellent work!

Second place finishers with 16 points were: jt991014, Cujo3130, JakeCPanther, DayZeroPantherFan and peteftlaud, These five contestants picked both series winner and collected one bonus point for calling one of the series wins in the correct amount of games.

The third group of contestants got both series winners right to finish with 15 points: thebiz3434, Bill Kozloff, clinttankersley, Jots07, NDPanther, AussiePantherFan  and Panther_fan93.

Here is the format for the final round (total of 15 points available)

Series winner (worth 8 points) and number of games (worth one point)

Stanley Cup-winning goal (worth 3 points)

Conn Smythe Trophy winner (worth 3 points)

The tiebreaker for this round will be total goals in the series.

Enter your picks like this:

Tampa Bay (5) 33 goals

Series-winning Goal: Anthony Cirelli

Conn Smythe winner: Andrei Vasilevskiy

Please get you picks in by the 8 p.m. start time of Wednesday’s Lightning-Avalanche game. Good luck!

Third Round scores

dontpbg  19

jt991014   16

Cujo3130  16

JakeCPanther  16

DayZeroPantherFan  16

peteftlaud   16

thebiz3434   15

Bill Kozloff  15

clinttankersley  15

Jots07   15

NDPanther  15

AussiePantherFan  15

Panther_fan93  15

chasejs2013892   12

Panthers Underground  9

Sabrecat  9

Flpanthers308   9

Zim!   8

Todd Little   8

SymmGod   8

merlin94   8

MichaelVal  7

Brent Temple  0

jupiterfins  0