LBC Predictions Contest ends in three-way tie

DayZeroPanthersFan, NDPanther and Todd Little take top honors

The results are in and we have a three-way tie for the overall winner in our annual Litter Box Cats Predictions Contest.

DayZeroPanthersFan, NDPanther and Todd Little split the crown by posting 11-4 overall records and accumulating four bonus points along the way to finish with a grand total of 37 points. Well done, guys. Happy to share the top spot with you.

Hats off also go to stickychowder and Najski, who were the two other players who went 11-4 in the contest, falling just short in the bonus point department.

Just to provide a little more detail on how close things were at the end, if the Penguins would have won the series in seven games I would have been the sole winner, if the Predators would have come back and won the series Najski would have won the contest.

Our Stanley Cup round winner came down to the total goals tiebreaker and went to superK116, who called the Penguins in six games and went with a total goals of 30, closest to the actual total of 32 among the five other prognosticators who called Pittsburgh in six. The other players who also got the series right and collected the bonus point were Barkovthe18yearold, pucknball, CatatonicCatalyst, DayZeroPanthersFan and NDPanther.

The Pens - Preds final was tough on our little group, only nine people picked Pittsburgh to repeat, while nineteen players went with Nashville.

I want to thank everyone for playing along. Makes things a little more interesting with the Panthers out of the playoffs.

Final Standings

DayZeroPanthersFan  37

NDPanther          37

Todd Little          37

sticky chowder   36

Najski    35

Last Rat Standing (R1-R3)    33

LightTheLamp27  (R1-R3)   33

pucknball             33

TKelley92             32

JimboCoppertone    31

Panther_fan93   31

DavidKnight1304   31


thebiz34       30

calvey    30

superk116       30

joerockhead      27

Barkovthe18yearold (R1-2 & R4)    26

merlin94          26

Rat-a-holic (R1-R3)     24

sterling59            24

jt991014              24

JakeCPanther (R1-2 & R4)    23

CatatonicCatalyst             23

#1 Florida Panthers Fan 23

Panthers Underground   22

Clint Tankersley 22

Brent Temple     20

Donny Rivette    20

meisenbergpanthers     19

joescheirich (R1-R3)    15

HabsCat        14

Francisco Oporta (R1 only)   9

bbbr42 (R1 only)          9

amaza89 (R2 only)     8

dcfish  (R2 only) 7

DrCat (R3-R4)     7

Jeff Lipson (R2 only)    3

Ruski (R2 only)   3

Individual winners

Round 1: Last Rat Standing

Round 2: Todd Little

Round 3: DavidKnight1304 & calvey

Round 4: superK116