Vote on the Litter Box Cats T-Shirt design

Want an LBC shirt? Majority will rule

Alright folks, it’s time to vote on which Litter Box Cats T-shirt I’ll start taking orders on soon.

There are four selections (two variations of Navy and Heather Grey) to choose from:

1) LBC Logo with red outline on Navy shirt

2) LBC Logo with white roundel on Navy shirt

3) LBC logo with red outline on Heather Grey shirt

4) LBC logo with no outline on Heather Grey shirt (the white outline is not really there)

*** that outside white border will not appear on this shirt. It will just be the logo with the blue roundel as seen on the white shirt used as the article picture.

Just want to take a second to thank Francisco Oporta for doing some slight tweaking of the LBC logo to help the shirts come out as good as possible. Francisco also made a few alternate logo designs for me. These alternate logos will be used on shirts that will be given out as the winner’s prize for the various predictions contests we do.

Which T-Shirt option do you like best?

LBC logo with red outline on Navy shirt25
LBC logo with white roundel on Navy shirt9
LBC logo with red outline on Heather Grey shirt9
LBC logo (no outline) on Heather Grey shirt7

The shirt that gets the most votes will be the one I will start taking the bulk orders. The price of each shirt will depend on how many people want a shirt, but will probably come in somewhere around the $20-25 range including tax and shipping. If enough people order we can knock the total below $20.  Sizes above XL require an additional charge for the shirt. If you live outside the USA, your shipping charge will obviously be extra, but I will send to other countries.