Litter Box Liners: Deadline Day Edition


The thousands-strong Jay Bouwmeester Fan Club arrives at the BankAtlantic Center awaiting the fate of their favorite Panther.

It's begun. Wednesday is upon us; all that's left is sorting out the bodies. Glorious Deadline Day.

Been listening to FAN590 all morning, and to say there is a collective interest in Bouwmeester would be a gross understatement; only the Leafs are getting more attention. Nick Kypreos has been going on for better than ten minutes, throwing out all sorts of possibilities: Vancouver (for Bieksa?), Toronto, et al. But he's been adamant: Trade him and get something in return.

And honestly, I think that's exactly what's going to happen. Best of luck, matter what you do, you're gonna get worked in some circles.

Still haven't forgotten about Nick Boynton; keep an eye open for his name today.

For the best team coverage of today's insanity, be sure to stay linked with the SBNation Trade Deadline Blowout Hub. Like Frank Costanza said: It's the place to be.

On to a heartwarming super-special edition of Litter Box Liners (all of which will be updated constantly).


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There was a game last night...Frolik rocked.

We'll be here all day, kids. Keep the coffee warm.

Thanks to OvechkinLaichsSemin at Japers' Rink for the TSN link.