LIVE BLOG: Atlanta Thrashers at Florida Panthers

Over the past three seasons, Nathan Horton has four game-winning goals against Atlanta, none of which came this year. His six points (3g) over the past six games against comes on the heels of a horrid four-game pointless streak. Has Nate turned the corner, setting sail on a mission to lead this raggedy fleet to lush, green playoff pastures? Coach Pete - and fans - can only hope in the affirmative.

It's another Super Terrific Happy Friday at The Box, and welcome to it. Confined to the sofa and laptop combo at home? Well, you probably already know that FSN-FL has in their ultimate wisdom decreed This Here Game Be Not Worthy, wisely banking on the cash-cow that is early-season NCAA college baseball.

"FSN: All the 'sports' that Versus refuses"

Ya know, cuz everyone loves less-than-semi-pro ball, especially in a region with a major league club that can't attract 900 fannies on an unseasonably cool day.

And I do not want to hear the laughable "can't accomodate due to previously scheduled programming, no alternate channel in the lineup, we've got all-star Go Fish, etc. Lame. Lame. And Lame. This may as well be a playoff game.

Wanna make a difference down the road? Grab a pitchfork, light your torches, and email the ickmos that had a golden chance to broadcast tonight's matchup but declined.

Keep up the heat, friends. Tuesday's game in Philly is lights-out as well - for now.

On a far deeper note, our thoughts invariably end up with the shooting victims and their families in Binghamton, New York. A moment of silence for all. A tough day.

Will the Cats look down at Atlanta? Does Andy have another shiner up his sleeve? Am I going to enjoy searching the web high and low for this thing tonight?

$20 I spent on GameCenter last week. Tonight had beeter be the Big Payoff.

Go Cats.