LIVE BLOG: Panthers at Blackhawks (technically speaking)


Helsinki's Hartwall Areena: it's like MSG minus the porcelain groin.

Panthers at Blackhawks

  • BIG SHOTS: D. Booth, M. Frolik, D. Kulikov (FLA); P. Kane, B. Campbell, J. Toews (CHI).
  • UNDA PRESHA:  T. Vokoun, N. Horton, R. Olesz (FLA); M. Hossa, P. Kane(!), C. Huet (CHI).
  • KEEP AN EYE ON:  S. Matthias (FLA); J. Madden (CHI)/

The 'Hawks, of course, aren't really hosting this deal from Chi-town, but they are the designated "home team" for the season opener, which just so happens to be at Hartwall Areena in Helsinki. But you already knew that.

And not to worry...the Cats get their "home" date tomorrow at noon.

We're not going to weigh this down with a load of pomp-and-circumstance, since all we want to do is dance get this thing going. Thanks for coming out; sorry the cookie oven broke, but we hope to have it back online in time for tomorrow's game.

Please take a moment to check out the madness at Second City Hockey, our English-speaking brethren from the midwest. They've got cop-tires, cop-brakes, cop-suspension, cop-battery, and an updated SCMOD for 2010. Also, they haven't lit any tall buildings with red and yellow overtones, and for that we like them.

UDATE: Weiss is in the lineup, and that Sexton guy has been named full-blown GM of the club. Wooot.

Go Cats.