LIVE BLOG: Panthers at Stars (maybe)


Got home waaaaay late from work, so my apologies for not pimping the game a lot earlier. Seeing as I have 25 minutes before the game begins we'll simply jump right into it.

By all means check out Defending Big D, 'cuz Brandon's a pro and we like him around these parts (Ed. Note: got the check today, Worley; had no idea Wachovia would cash a two-party, three-state, post-dater).

Radio? Nope. Live streaming? Not advertised among the usual suspects. Might be totally in the dark on this one. Kinda surprised it's a Dallas game that ends up with zero coverage.

So...? Make stuff up and prepare for tomorrow's home date against these very same Stars (and I've got saweeeet seats for it). Who's gonna be cut? Who has surprised you the most to this point? Who has been a disappointment? Feel free to cut in with anything you like.

(Yes, I realize there may not be much to comment on this evening, but we can pretend...)

Go Cats.