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LIVE BLOG: Panthers vs. Tappara (from Tampere)


The first of two exhibitions from Finland before opening the season against Chicago on Friday, the Cats take on Tampere Tappara of the SM Liiga this afternoon. Interesting that Finnish native Ville Koistinen wasn’t featured on the advertisement. Nathan could always resurrect the “Hortonen” moniker before the puck drops in an attempt to appeal to the locals, me guesses.

Anyway, I’ve no idea where one may find this game…I’m composing this header Sunday night since I – undoubtedly along with a few of you – will be working when the puck drops at noon EST. Feel free to use this opportunity to talk smack about the Hurricanes. Here’s a subject: Eric Staal. Run with it.

Sleza: help us out here. Go Cats.

Who was the best Jack Ryan?

Alec Baldwin (THFRO) 3
Harrison Ford (PG, CAPD) 8
Ben Affleck (TSOAF) 2
None…Clancy’s book “Ryan” rocked ’em all 3