Los Angeles Kings at Florida Panthers

He could get stuck at The Cheetah. That would be a fine start.


12-7-2 (26 Points) 7-9-1 (15 Points)

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Yes, that's two games in a row for a guy who hasn't pulled such a stunt since his days pandering for cheap parking and even cheaper tickets on Asylum Avenue. Usually, both were more than possible in the halcyon early-nineties, Hartford-style.

Really stoked to see L.A. (tagline: Pride = Passion = Power) live for the first time since Gretzky was sipping gin & tonics aboard Air McNall.

Rudy Kelly and the legendary Battle of California is covering this one from the expected bizarre left-coast perspective (how do they deal with games at 4:30pm local? Doesn't anyone work out there?), and there's always the distinct possibility a couple of a few rogueish Ducks and Sharks (Darks? Shucks?) faithful finding their way into the conversation as well.

And somehow we're supposed to be intimidated by purples, browns, and teals. Breathtaking.

While we're on the Kings, will a day ever go by when Luc Robitaille isn't front page for them? No love for this guy?

Hope to see a few of you out at the BAC. Enjoy the conversation, and Go Cats.