MVN's Best and Worst Fans of the NHL: Panthers "growing irrelevant"


Lots of (unsurprising) controversy erupting around MVN's yearly ranking of NHL fanbases compiled by Minnesota Wild blogger Derek Felska.

Constructed through a brand of Klingon mathematics I only vaguely grasp; based upon a three-year attendance average "scoring system", the number of team-related blogs found during a Google search (we ain't Toronto), and message board responses, these strict criteria unlock the door for a room marked "Reasons why you suck".

Foolproof, obviously. Actually, I enjoyed the commentary, if not necessarily agreeing with a healthy portion of it. In Florida's case, a near-decade without postseason action has undeniably chipped away at the market, but really...there's a buzz around the organization right now that hasn't been present since the turn of the century.

Anyway, check out the article, give it an honest once-over, and don't set the bar for yourself as a Panthers fan too high. Comments - as always - are mostly welcomed.

A big thanks to Puck Daddy.

Agree with the ranking?'s not unrealistic given the history of the club14
No...FLA's fanbase is steadily growing and requires a different set of parameters7