Need tickets to a single Florida Panthers game? Friday's for you


The Cats are releasing their single-game passes Friday, August 21st. A bevy of confusing creative and realistic plans have been established; it appears quite a bit of man-hours went into the wholesale revamping of the pricing structure.

For the oldtimers (like, well, me): remember the "Panther Pack" $8 day-of-game deals from the early years of the Clinton Administration? They're back...and even more affordable today:

In addition, there will be a limited number of special $5 day of game tickets available in the upper bowl of the BankAtlantic Center prior to every Panthers home game. Only 200 of these tickets will be accessible for each game, based on availability.

Awesome move. String a couple of wins together and these might be difficult to come by.

Full details at the official site.