New Head-Shot legislation proceeds to NHL Competition Committee

A lateral, back pressure or blindside hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principal point of contact is not permitted.

A violation of the above will result in a minor or major penalty and shall be reviewed for possible supplemental discipline.

- Proposal unanimously approved by league general managers Wednesday

In a nutshell, pending further committee approval (which will undoubtedly happen), no more "legal" shoulder-to-head hits. Next year. Probably.

It's progress, yes, but little consolation to fans of Florida's David Booth (the NHL's current poster child for high-hit reform) or Boston center Marc Savard, most recent involuntary member of the Stretcher Club with a dandy grade-two concussion.

Angelic Philadelphia prettyboy Mike Richards was not suspended on the October Booth shot, and word has come down that Pittsburgh's Matt Cooke - no stranger to on-ice nastiness - will escape the suspension guillotine as well, thanks primarily to the Richards precedent some months earlier.

What are they drinking behind Pennsylvania state lines, anyway? I jest, I jest.

For the record, here's the Savard hit - with commentary, and for those who still somehow haven't gorged on it enough, the Booth hit be here. Eerily similar.

Since this legislation is now "on the table" we Floridians can whine no longer over the Panthers' star winger - presumed to lead the club in goals this season - missing 45 games courtesy of the "legal" hit.

Anyway, this bill is a genuinely positive move forward. Now if they'd just eliminate the instigator rule this entire issue would vaporize...

As always, tons of reaction from around the league at SBN's Hockey Hub.