News and 'Liners for Wednesday: Post-apocalyptic edition


It's a long road... Grizzled but unbowed Florida defenseman Nick Boynton, departing FleetNorthBankTDWebsterShawmuttCenterGarden for New York.

Final - 2.24.2009 1 2 3 Total
Florida Panthers 1 0 0 1
Boston Bruins 2 1 3 6

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I'm sure most of you have determined by this late point in the day I'm ignoring the tragedy that befell the potential glory of Kamil Kreps Night (1g) in Boston on Tuesday. Attend and respect:


(For those interested, Nick Tarnasky Night (1a) was held in the Bruins' gift shop near the pink womens' jersey rack.)

We all know the ultimate result was a razor-close 6-1 victory by the hated B's, and for the moment I will do you the honor of referring the wonderful and lively Stanley Cup of Chowder as your single point of contact for a unique and unbiased view on the evening's embarrassing lack of effort and heart event.

Working on a couple of items to throw out in the form of a welcome mat for our new Yahoo! Sports overlords, as well as some trade fodder regarding the Mighty Cat, so stay tuned throughout the evening.

"What Yahoo! Sports Overlords" you ask? THESE Yahoo! Sports Overlords. Pretty sweet, eh? No, we won't be edited. Yes, things'll remain more or less the same. Just another doorway for the uninitiated to enjoy the simple pleasures of SBNation, and The Box, along with the rest of us.

Enough chattering; I've only got an hour or so left to finish this post and go home some important duties here at work, so on we go to The Liners...

More to come in a bit so stick around...