2011 NHL Draft Lottery / Drawing - Live Open Thread

Hard to believe it was only a year ago we sat on the edge of our collective lounger awaiting Bill Daly's dramatic pronouncement that the Florida Panthers had indeed retained the third overall selection in 2010's Entry Draft.

Seeing as we're so easily entertained, let's go another round (ooooh, sorry) this evening as the National Hockey League presents for our amusement the - unsponsored! - 2011 Draft Drawing.

"Wasn't it the Draft Lottery?" you may understandably ask. Well yes it was, until very recently, best we can tell. A theory travelling the interwebs says the league grew uncomfortable with the potentially negative connotation of the word "lottery" (read: gambling), hence employment of the presumably less-explosive "Drawing". If true, it's an impressive moral tone to uphold in an ever-changing world chock full of societal ills.

(On an unrelated note completely lacking in juicy irony, the NHL Awards will again be held here in June.)

Anyway, our pal Joe breaks down the details/rules for tonight's gig; essentially the Panthers - with a 28th-place finish - have a 14.2% chance of snagging the first-overall pick.

Where to watch (8pm): Versus, TSN, NHL.com.  Can't wait? Sim it.