They've gone and done it.

We're through the looking glass, people. Bring on the pillars of flame, hordes of locusts, and the predicted dogs-and-cats-living-together thing. The End of Days is upon us, and I don't mean Keenan and Berto winning the Stanley Cup.

Huddle close, Panther fans, 'cuz it's going to be a tough six- or seven-weeks. If you don't have thick skin now, you will by April.

Couldn't just leave a solid, successful season alone. Had to market it based on potential failure at the end.

This is exactly the same fear I have when Vokoun makes some solid saves in the first period and the word "shutout" races uncontrolled through my mind at warp speed. I know I've doomed the poor guy. You can't take it back.

So prep yourselves for the haters to come out in droves. Assume a position of strength (example: "My name's not Yormark" is a healthy start). The dirty laundry is out for everyone to see.

If the world needed another excuse to razz the Cats, it's been delivered. The players in the room must be thrilled.

Personally, I cannot believe this has happened. Wouldn't want to be around Pete DeBoer tonight. Unreal.