On the eve of the Stanley Cup Final: Links to follow for Game Seven

With few exceptions - a wickedly-lopsided game five comes to mind - this has been a spectacular and grand final series.

From the obvious headlines (Hossa, the rematch from a year ago, Hossa, the Pens with a heavy chip on their shoulder, did I mention Hossa?) to the home team winning each game, the miraculous ascension of coach Dan Bylsma to rarified territory in oh-so-short a period, to the stunning (for hockey) ratings being achieved on Versus and NBC, the late spring of 2009 has been nothing if not simply a great time for hockey fans.

Those outside of Phoenix, anyway.

It really has been a fantastic time - on ice, anyway. The draft and UFA period are just around the corner, but for one evening we can put aside the daily stresses of our lives and collectively breathe in the Heaven-sent blessing that is a Game Seven. Whether or not a Detroit or Pittsburgh supporter, any fan of sports in general should be locked on to the drama we'll witness Friday evening.

In the spirit of enlightenment, here's a collection of links to keep those interested in staying on top of the happenings between the Pens and Wings going forward into tomorrow's epic Game Seven from The Joe in Detroit. Wanna remain "in the know"? These folks will get you there (and do bookmark them...you won't regret it).

Use them together, use them in peace.




We'll be back for tomorrow's gala event in the early afternoon, prepping for what should be a hockey fan's version of the conclusion of the "Dawn of Man" sequence in History of the World, Part I.