On The Prowl: Panthers Sunday Links & Open Thread

Welcome to On the Prowl, a collection of links compiled by the LBC staff published each Wednesday and Sunday to stories pertaining to the Florida Panthers, their affiliates, and the National Hockey League. Have at it after the jump...

LBC Notes:

This should - oh how thankfully - be the final Sunday OTP sans any real news on the Cats, as Rookie Camp is a week away. And a long week it shall be.

Until then, the LBC Opening Night Extravaganza remains a fabulous option for those willing to rock-star it on October 15th...

Also, we're in the final stretch with THIS, so do give us some love if you're feeling generous. Or even if you're not feeling generous.

Almost there, friends...mere days from Coral Springs action :)

Panthers and Affiliates news:

The NHL and Beyond: