On the Prowl: Sunday Links and Open Thread

Welcome to On the Prowl, a collection of links published each Wednesday and Sunday to stories pertaining to the Florida Panthers, their affiliates, and the National Hockey League. Have at it after the jump...

LBC Community news:

New...we have added an "About Litter Box Cats" space on the lefthand sidebar. This area will steadily grow over time to feature many useful nuggets of information pertaining to the site; for now you will find Community Guidelines (our "consititution" covering rules for proper conduct, terms of service, and the like), FanPosts & FanShots: How-to and Posting Tips (a very helpful resource for composing the finest user-generated content), and Commenting: Tips and Tricks (a guide to utilizing the best of LBC's feedback features). Please do check them out. Big thanks to John for the time and effort involved.

Also...keep your eyes open for an exciting announcement in the next week or so right here at LBC. Can't share any more than that but it's hopefully worth the wait for many of you ;)

Kudos...to Chris Roberts, who positively killed it on Saturday with his coverage of the numerous trades and the Ryan Carter signing yesterday. Outstanding, CR.

Florida Panthers news and analysis:

NHL news and analysis:

Former Hartford Whalers forward Andrew Cassels was named Assistant Coach of the Cyclones.