Panther Fans Unite: support your local do-gooders


So here we are.

Staring at not only important games which involve our Cats, but important games not involving our Cats as well. No, this hasn't been a problem since J-Lo was Jennifer Lopez - or some variation - but I digress.

In any case, we must - MUST - support the Capitals and Islanders tonight. Much as it pains us, and wrinkles our skin, and promotes violence against undeserving family members, it is thus written.

Though Family Guy is probably on somewhere, The Box asks that we skip such broadcast excellence in pursuit of a higher goal. Support your opponents. Now.

Head over to the following sites and cheer on the Islanders and Capitals as if they were our own Panthers. It's only a couple of hours. Heck, they're probably half-over by now anyway.

Do it for The Team. Show the flag. Ya might just have some fun and learn, like, stuff.