Panthers and Eagles and Preseason...oh my

The Cats announced Wednesday they will be joining forces - so to speak - with the BankAtlantic Center's October 8th tenant (The Eagles; remember them? No, really) in an effort to cross-promote the aging rockers' latest tour and the Panthers' preseason events. I guess. Florida COO Michael Yormark claims this funky fusion of geriatric radio rock and pro hockey is a first in the world of promotions, and given the Cats' dubious history of "firsts" we're hesitant to debate his claim.

"Florida Panthers Training Camp 2010 Presented by The Eagles" is soon to be underway, and yes that's the official moniker. We know because it makes no less than five appearances on the press release. Evidently, the time has come to begin mourning this marketing triumph. We hardly knew ye.

And it's probably a good thing for all involved that these guys weren't booked instead on that same October night; would have provided for eye-popping migraines in at least two NHL clubs' legal departments.

Word has slipped out that Eagles' frontmen Glenn Frey and Don Henley have been hard at work tailoring a few of their standards for the South Florida audience, including, among others:

  • "Tequila Sunrise, Florida" Like that wasn't a given.
  • "One of these Nights Rusty's gonna be a factor"
  • "New Kid in Town...and his Name ain't Ilya"
  • "Life in the Sunpass Lane"
  • "Get Over It (The Ballad of Iron Mike)"
  • "I Don't Want to Hear the name Horton Anymore"
  • "(Tomas is) Already Gone"
  • "Hotel Kulifornia"
  • "I Can't Tell You Why (we didn't accept your Perfect Plan offer)"
  • "No More Cloudy Days"; a tearful David Booth tribute
  • "Bitz of My Love"

and of course...

  • "Witchy Wideman"/

Enjoy the show.