Panthers at Canadiens - Live Chat

NOTE: This is going up late due to the tech issues our network suffered earlier this evening. Consider this an imprompto chat; we'll need the practice before the real stuff gets underway, so join the conversation in the comments...

Back to the grind. Only "significant" notes from today had Bill Thomas and Triston Grant sent to waivers for reassignment to Rochester, along with the very expected news that G Tyler Plante would be joining them.

Staying on the Amerks kick, James DeLory and Eric Selleck apparently had a difference of opinion over...low fat sweeteners? A muffler bracket for a '76 Pinto? Who knows, but LGA was on that one as well. Keith - you're killin' it up there; great work.

Should be a solid game from Montreal featuring a veteran Habs' squad desperate to drive out prop up beleagured netminder Carey Price, while a surprising - but dwindling - crowd of Florida hopefulls has another chance to stick around for an extended camp.