Panthers at Canadiens - Live Game Thread


17-19-7 (41 Points) 21-21-3 (45 Points)

Welcome to this evening's Live Thread


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No need to beat up on the Cats any further after Tuesday's blown-lead loss in Toronto; hopefully it's old news and will remain as such. We're all painfully aware of recent patterns with this club, so let's move on. With any luck, they will too. There's your "preview".

Still recovering from dental work which involved bronze-age equipment (with a pricetag to make Del Boca Vistians swoon), but if the end result is half as genuine as the smile from this dood, I'll be thrilled. Hundreds of Ibuprofens - ibuprofae? - and antihistimines by the dozen can't  be wrong.

You know the drill: mosey on over to Habs Eyes on the Prize and throw down a quick "howdy" to our pal Robert. On your way back stop for gas, smokes, a 40, and put the change on pump seven at Four Habs Fans; Sexy Friday is mere hours away.

Go Cats.