Panthers "Caravan" heads to Palm Beach Ice Saturday


The community outreach blazes on, as the Florida Panthers Countdown Caravan presented by UnitedHealthCare rolls into Palm Beach County tomorrow, stopping in Lake Worth. Info on the event, now in it's second city in as many weeks, can be found at the ridiculously long link above. Former (and sorta current) Cat Bill Lindsay will be the day's lightning rod. Kudos to the club for organizing - and more importantly financing - this rather unique and fun "Getting to Know You" strategy.

Bonus quiz:  In what could be the product-placement partnership of the century, see how many instances of "Florida Panthers Countdown Caravan presented by UnitedHealthCare" make an appearance in the above-posted link. Because lots of folks really speak that way, naturally.

Looks like the 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais Quad-442 International Series, current standard-bearer of the prestigious Most Needlessly Long-winded Marketing Title may have some stiff new competition