Panthers: coaching situation remains mum; Gudbranson development entering "captaincy" status


One last note on the coaching search: (Florida Panthers GM Dale) Tallon said he hopes a new bench boss (is) in place soon. He said the reason it hasn't happened already is the sheer volume of applicants for the position:

"The good thing is we have a lot of guys that want to come to Florida and see us turn this around."

That's spectacular, of course, but it travels the same route as previous quotes from management - earlier and otherwise - which have been remarkably short on details as yet.

Moving on...there's this kid named Gudbranson...

"We'll get him taken care of in the next little while, get him signed up. He's a big part of our future. He's a core guy for us. He's got captaincy-type material as far as character on and off the ice. We think he's going to be a great player for us." - Dale Tallon