Friday Caterwaul: Florida Panthers Open Forum

So...what shall we talk about?


We'll dispense with the typical Caterwaul SOPs for today, as stats, standings, and schedules are a moot issue, at least until tomorrow. Only one game on tap this evening - and it's in the Western Conference - so take the day to bask in the glory so many of us are still coming to terms with. A few early thoughts...

  • Growing fatigued with talk about the Cats "backing in" to the postseason? True though the analogy may be, is there a reason for it to be mentioned at all, beyond one club losing home ice? No one in the East is being denied a spot among the top eight, but don't expect the rising cries of bloody murder regarding "undeserving" Florida or (to a far less extent, because well, they're the Caps) Washington being handed a playoff position to diminish any time soon. Isn't the general idea just to get in?/
  • And if the Panthers actually win a round? Lock the doors, tape the windows, and rip that cable modem out of the wall. If you thought the mainstream hockey media was anti-southern market before, the maelstrom of trash talk headed our way will be unprecedented. So what; I tend to recall an unprecedented run of futility which just came to an end. Who has the thicker skin?
  • With the hard part out of the way, tomorrow's game vs Carolina in Sunrise still holds enough intrigue to be worthwhile, as the focus turns to playoff seedings. In fact the only Eastern clubs locked into their current dance partner are Pittsburgh (4th) and Philadelphia (5th); all six of the others could see a different opponent less than 48 hours from now.
  • Did any of you actually finish watching last night's game? I personally saw nothing after the PHI/BUF score updated as a final on

The floor is yours...