Panthers' newbies all over the map on stats sheet

A peek into how the "larger" pieces involved in transactions made by the Florida Panthers around the 2011 NHL Trade Deadline have fared since their acquisition, with three games remaining in the schedule:

  • RW Niclas Bergfors (trade with Atlanta, RFA in July): 17 gp 1g-6a +2 2pim 8hits 48sog
  • C Ryan Carter (trade with Carolina, UFA): 11 gp 2g-1a +3 20pim 37hits 13sog
  • LW Patrick Rissmiller (trade with Atlanta, UFA): 7 gp 0p -1 0pim 13hits 8sog
  • LW Sergei Samsonov (trade with Carolina, UFA): 17 gp 3g-9a -2 2pim 8hits 33sog
  • RW Jack Skille (trade with Chicago, RFA): 10 gp 1g-1a -12 4pim 31hits 23sog
  • D Alex Sulzer (trade with Nashville, UFA): 9 gp 0g-1a -3 0pim 9hits 14bks 7sog

Some notes: Skille and Sulzer have missed considerable time due to injuries. With the exception of Samsonov ($2.53M), all of the players listed make $1M or (in most cases considerably) less. Samsonov is also the only player to collect points in more than two straight games (3, March 15-19; 1g-5a). After Skille's 10-hit FLA debut, he has not come close to replicating the feat: a 5-hit effort is his next best single-game performance; for all the bluster about his physicality, Carter's making folks think twice. Bergfors had a 6-shot night on March 29th. Sulzer's +/- looks much better considering he's been very steady, with only two games earning him the -3. Carter's career: an -even- rating over 181 NHL games.

Something to chew on as Spending Season approaches. All salary numbers per CapGeek, and worth a look.