Panthers Road Tripping with DpD!

Greetings from the road Panther fans!  It’s your old buddy DolPhanDave, and I’m currently in New York City getting ready to head to the Garden for some Panthers Hockey.  I’m lucky enough to be following the Panthers on the final 4 games of their road tip that will take them to New York, New Jersey, Washington and Atlanta.  We all know how big of a trip this for our Cats, and after their…ahem…less then stellar start in Boston on Tuesday, I fully expect them to come out with guns-a-blazin tonight against the Blue Shirts.  
I made sure to bring plenty of Panthers attire so that I can properly represent the Cats while invading our opposition’s arenas.  The first two arenas on the trip I have been to before.  I’ve seen a handful of Rangers games up here (one against the Cats) and last season I went to the new Devils home.  I haven’t been to a game in D.C. yet, but from what our fearless leader “The Whale” tells me, its quite nice.  Apparently they have some ice show where a little guy scores goals from all over the rink and then proceeds to slam himself into the glass border.  
While this is a ‘hockey trip’, the Panthers will have a couple nights off…but not to worry, I’ll be keeping busy in the off time.  Tomorrow night I’m seeing my first Knicks game from the Garden, then on Saturday night after the Panthers matinee in Jersey I’m seeing Will Ferrell in a one-man show entitled “You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush”, which should be hilarious.  
Well, it’s an hour to face-off so its time to get my game gear on.  It’s about a 10-minute walk to Madison Square Garden, and I’m hoping that my favorite food stand (amazing GIANT deli sandwiches) is still open and operational.  You never know with stadium/arena food, it seems like every time I find something I like at a venue, they close it down.  It’s a lovely 47ish degrees outside…could be dropping into the high 30’s by the time the game’s over.

Enjoy the game Panther fans...and incase you dont want to scroll down, the LIVE GAME THREAD can be found HERE.