Panthers' Scoring Chances - Last Ten Games

As was the case when we last looked in on the scoring chances for the Panthers, even strength play is not an issue in South Florida. This time around, however, the chance counts are dominated by two young rookies, a pair of kids who have proven themselves capable.

For those that have yet to see a definition, here it is:

A scoring chance is defined as a clear play directed toward the opposing net from a dangerous scoring area - loosely defined as the top of the circle in and inside the faceoff dots, though sometimes slightly more generous than that depending on the amount of immediately-preceding puck movement or screens in front of the net. Blocked shots are generally not included but missed shots are. A player is awarded a scoring chance anytime he is on the ice and someone from either team has a chance to score. He is awarded a "chance for" if someone on his team has a chance to score and a "chance against" if the opposing team has a chance to score. Vic Ferrari makes this all possible  with his tools to evaluate Corsi, head-to-head ice time and scoring chances.

After the jump, we'll look at the scoring chances totals for the last ten games.

I've broken the chances down by forward and defenseman.  TSCF = total scoring chances for, TSCA = total scoring chances against, SC% = scoring chance percentage.   The table is sorted by scoring chance percentage.

Scott Timmins 7 3 0.700
Steve Bernier 18 9 0.667
Darcy Hordichuk 7 4 0.636
Evgeni Dadonov 24 15 0.615
Shawn Matthias 19 12 0.613
David Booth 35 29
Rostislav Olesz 24 22 0.522
Cory Stillman 26 25 0.510
Mike Santorelli 21 21 0.500
Michael Frolik 22 23 0.489
Stephen Weiss
27 29 0.482
Chris Higgins 16 20 0.444
Radek Dvorak 26 33 0.441
Marty Reasoner 22 31 0.415
Player SCF SCA SC%
Keaton Ellerby 25 19 0.568
Bryan Allen 32 25 0.561
Mike Weaver 35 28 0.556
Dmitry Kulikov 28 29 0.491
Jason Garrison 31 33 0.484
Dennis Wideman 30 32 0.484
Bryan McCabe 5 7 0.417

Evgeni Dadonov and Keaton Ellerby have enjoyed a very nice ten-game stretch, which is heartening for Panthers' fans.  Dadonov has enjoyed the luxury of mostly top-shelf teammates while Ellerby has been paired with Dmitry Kulikov.

Part of the reason their numbers look so good is the play of the veteran line of Stillman - Reasoner - Dvorak and the veteran pairing of Allen - Wideman.  The old vets are being asked to play the toughest opponents, allowing the younger players the shot at the easy matchups

Rostislav Olesz continues to take grief for not scoring, but when he's on the ice - the puck is in the right end.