Panthers' Siegel: "We all desperately want success for this franchise"


Panthers CEO Stu Siegel recently posted a follow-up to the now-famous "The Letter" (composed by he and co-owner Cliff Viner) from late last week which no less than rocked the NHL for its honesty and blunt assessment of the organization. From Siegel's latest blog post:

...the response (to the letter) has been tremendous. Of course, like anything we do in professional sports, there will always be supporters and naysayers. But an overwhelming number of our fans expressed both relief and excitement that we are unwilling to stand pat and accept the norm. Even more than we could have imagined, our fans spoke out in favor of action, in favor of change. What is even more clear to us is that our supporters want to build something special here in South Florida. They don’t just want a team that will finally break the spell and make its first playoff appearance since the year 2000, but rather a team that can become a consistent winner.

At least they are remaining on-topic.

Now that the hammer has dropped, ownership is reiterating the need for patience as the club is re-tooled (though to what extent it will be "re-tooled" is anyone's guess). Again the trade deadline, draft, free-agency, and training camp are mentioned as pivotal points, obviously.

Have to wonder, though, how many A-listers are pining to climb aboard this ship over the summer (if the organization even wishes to travel that route). A foundation of sorts will need to be established at the deadline which shows a solid, sound commitment to the future, whether in picks or players, to attract anyone of note.

In any case, a plan of action must be drawn and implemented quickly, as March 3rd is rapidly closing.

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