Panthers Sunrise Massacre: McLean waived; Stewart and Eminger become UFAs


"And because, in all the galaxy, they had found nothing more precious than Mind, they encouraged its dawning everywhere. They became farmers in the fields of stars; they sowed, and sometimes they reaped. And sometimes, dispassionately, they had to weed"

Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Blimey...didn't expect all of this. Not when you're used to a wallowing, vanilla Martin Administration. But Rockin' Randy Sexton is making his presence felt, whether he's still here by training camp or not. I'm applauding most of what occured today. Just the fact that hard decisions were made and executions carried out is enough to provide a glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

Let's look at what was done this afternoon at One Panther Parkway:



(In English, they're all unrestricted free agents now)

  • Anthony Stewart. Anyone, anywhere, shocked by this? Tragic that he's always been on the cusp, never really given the opportunity to stick with the big club. He's not off the hook, either.
  • Steve Eminger. Everyone, everywhere is shocked by this. Probably still sign with the club after Wednesday...if he takes a paycut.
  • Franklin MacDonald. Fell to the wayside in Rochester.
  • David Shantz. Saw this coming a year ago. Or was it two?
  • Tanner Glass. Character guy. He'll be re-upped.
  • Drew Larman. Stunned. Thought for certain he was a keeper.


  • Brett McLean. He's such a "nice guy" that you hate to say a bad thing about him. He showed up, played hard, and was simply snakebitten the entire season. Just wasn't his year. Hope he lands somewhere that's a better fit after we buy him out.

We haven't seen a housecleaning like this within the organization in, well, maybe forever. Do you agree with the moves? Anyone else who should be in the "deadwood" category?