Panthers take twelve to 2010 Training Camp

After completeing two forgettable games against Nashville's youngsters, the first round of Florida's Rookie Camp cuts are in; twelve have been assigned to the main camp beginning Saturday in Coral Springs. The survivors as follow; (+) denotes invitee...

Forwards: Alain Berger (+), Evgeni Dadonov, Corey Durocher, Quinton Howden, John McFarland, Scott Timmins, Garrett Wilson

Defense: Adam Comrie, Erik Gudbranson, Alexander Petrovic, Colby Robak

Goal: Jacob Markstrom

The cuts: Carl Hudson, T.J. Fast, Josh Birkholz, Brody Sutter (+), Mike Vaskivuo (+), Benjamin Gallacher, Hayden Rintoul (+), A.J. Jenks, Yannick Dube (+), Zach Hyman, Chris Clackson (+), Eric Selleck, Marc Cheverie, Brian Foster

Outside of the invitees, few surprises remain among the cuts simply due to a numbers game; only so many spots to fill in Rochester and Sunrise. But c'mon...a couple of extra days for Jenks was out of the question? Or Birkholz?

Precisely why I'm not a scout; their efforts certainly appeared solid to my eyes the past few days.

Which "cut" most surprises you:

F A.J. Jenks73
F Josh Birkholz13
F Brody Sutter6
F Chris Clackson8
D Yannick Dube2
D T.J. Fast12