Panthers' Tallon briefly talks Markstrom, Amerks, coaches

GM Dale Tallon held a conference call with local media on Tuesday, and covered a few topics obviously near and dear to our hearts. Worth reading the accounts from both the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald in any case.

In essence, Tallon states he and goaltender Jacob Markstrom's agent are speaking, and a backup position with the Panthers is not at all a certainty; he's concerned over the differering styles of play between North America and Europe, and believes quality time in Rochester is logical. I'm not reading anything into this as far as Tomas Vokoun is concerned, of course.

On that note, he said he'll address the burgeoning Rochester issue following the league scouting combine and GM meetings. No mention of any details whatsoever, but he did lay down the Quote of the Year for a Panthers exec:

"I will take care of (the Amerks) situation shortly. It was a shock to me, on my second day on the job, to see that in the paper. I don't do business in the newspaper."
Guessing he's not pleased. Of note, he will see Randy Sexton at the combine, assistant coaches Mike Kitchen and Jim Hulton don't sound as if they'll be offered another go-round (my opinion), and Peter DeBoer remains safely employed.

Again, check out the links above for the full stories.