Panthers Tomas Vokoun leaves game on stretcher after bizarre stick incident with teammate Ballard

Tomas Vokoun

#29 / Goalie / Florida Panthers



Jul 02, 1976

Florida's Tomas Vokoun takes an accidental(!) two-handed stick to the head from Keith Ballard following a goal by Atlanta's Ilya Kovalchuk. Ballard swung for the left post in frustration, but instead tweaked his goaltender. Insanity.

Scott Clemmensen relieved Tvo, who was removed from the ice surface on a stretcher.

Paging Mr. Salak, Mr. Alexander Salak...

UPDATE: Vokoun is alert and responsive at a local Atlanta hospital with a "deep cut" to the neck, and a better video can be found here.

Thanks, magetz via YouTube.