Panthers Wonder-Links for Tuesday

We're down to just about ten days remaining before the Entry Draft, and nary a peep has been heard out of Sunrise as to what direction the club will take. Not that we're surprised, of course; teams don't make a habit of tipping their hand before dealing their all-star goaltender such an important event.

Undeterred, we'll set sail for adventure and see what's been lurking around the 'net over the past few hours and days. And no...there hasn't been much.

Surprising that the franchise defenseman, who has long been disgruntled by the fact that the Panthers have never had a team that is playoff worthy, when entrusted with the team's hopes of making the playoffs, literally disappeared (post-trade deadline).

  • Pictures and video from Saturday's Cats Cookout are up at the official site. I know the person in the opening photo, and her name ain't Vokoun. Way to go, CLG!
  • The Dany Heatley Popularity Rally soldiers on in the Canadian capital, but realistically speaking, the Ottawa Citizen's Allen Panzeri sets out to convince us the Senators will continue to be a "destination" franchise. What's a "destination" franchise? Evidently, according to one player agent, don't look here:

Another agent said the New York Islanders, Tampa Bay Lightning and, to a smaller extent the Florida Panthers, had developed a reputation among NHL players as black holes, but Ottawa was still regarded as a destination franchise.

  • The U.S. National Junior club may feature a couple of familiar faces now that Panthers prospects Adam Comrie and A.J. Jenks have been invited to tryout for the 2010 team.
  • The Box is now afloat at FaceBook; the link is in the left sidebar. And tread lightly for the moment: I'm a complete and utter newbie, hence the deer-in-headlights tremors emanating from your screen./

Got some suggestions for the Cats heading into the draft? Use the 14th pick? Trade it? Email them to me (link at bottom of page) and I'll work a few into a pre-Draft post.