Please welcome SB Nation's newest hockey community


Couple of reasons why this is a very big deal.

First, Jewels From The Crown, featuring coverage of the Los Angeles Kings and edited by the splendid talents of Connie and Quisp, has gone live today. This is the final team-specific hockey site to be established; with the inclusion of JFTC, SB Nation now has all thirty National Hockey League clubs covered. So please shoot on over there, have a peek, and say hi from the Litter Box faithful. We are indeed honored to have them in the ranks!

Second, thanks to the addition of Jewels, SB Nation can presently claim a community for each and every organization in the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA. Been a lot of hard work by countless dedicated folks.

And it's only getting better!

NOTE: Live Game Forum for tonight's Panthers-Thrashers gig will post ASAP; been a ridiculously long day, but as Dante was fond of saying: I assure you we are open.