LBC QuickPoll: Florida Panthers and 2013 NHL Playoffs - Good For Club's Future Or Hindrance?

Is top selection in June worth Cats playing out the status quo?

Keeping this simple on a quiet Saturday evening: we're looking for your opinion - as a fan of the Cats - as to whether Florida potentially sneaking into the 2013 postseason (a rather big "if" at this stage, with a league-low 20 points on the season) is a "good" or "bad" thing for the franchise down the road - i.e. would such an appearance throw a wicked curveball into the well-publicized, so-called "blueprint" for the future of the club.

Some top-end talent on the hook in June, though the depth in this draft has been labeled as debatable beyond the first few picks. All of this will of course work itself out in the years (and decades) to come, but for the moment we'll focus on what's "best", in your opinion, for the Panthers over the next eight weeks.

Note: no one here is suggesting in any way whatsoever that Florida should "mail it in" through the remainder of the 2013 season. This organization and its players would never allow such a hypothetical scenario to see the light of a single day, so let that idea fade quickly.

Which outcome is ultimately "best" for the Panthers:

Make the playoffs...regardless of draftable talent, this market demands a winner37
Miss the much to gain by collecting best available talent for the future101