Potential hockey analytics conference in Central Florida

Want to learn about advanced statistics? There may be a seminar headed your way.

Over the past year, with the growth of the advanced stats community online, there have been several hockey analytics conferences for the top minds in the business to get together, share ideas, and put names to faces.

I really wanted to do one of these conferences last year, but never got around to planning it. This year, I've jumped on the ball early, and with the help of Andrew Thomas (co-founder of war-on-ice.com) and Mike Gallimore (Tampa based blogger for Bolts Statistics), I plan on hosting such a conference at the University of Central Florida sometime in late November/early December.

Though I'm still waiting to hear back from UCF, we should have a venue and a tentative date set up by the end of the week. The plan is to have it on a Saturday, so people can drive to Orlando the day before, and then attend an Orlando Solar Bears hockey game (ECHL) afterwards.

If anyone is interested in attending, please fill out this survey so that we can have a ballpark figure for how may people to expect.

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(Note: Please only fill out the survey once. If you're not sure if you filled it out, contact me on Twitter and I'll look up your answers and let you know. Also, if the embed survey above isn't working, here's a link.)

Also, follow developments for the conference on the Twitter page we have set up, @FLHAnalytics.