Pre-NHL Draft Caterwaul: Florida Panthers Open Forum

We're only a few hours from Dale Tallon's third appearance in command of the Panthers' draft table - which has been noted as happily more than a few footsteps away from the Consol Energy Center stage - so a Caterwaul is definitely in order. LBC's own Ryan Meier will be repping The Box live from Pittsburgh, gathering photos, video, interviews and anything else an NHL credential can supply, though he's under strict orders not to hog the free sodas and bottomless popcorn, at least publicly. He'll be joining up with a select group of SB Nation hockey editors who will be covering the entire two-day event from every conceivable angle so stay tuned not only here but at our YouTube page (which should be a lot more populated by Monday) and networkwide Draft Hub throughout the festivities.

The LBC Open Thread goes live at 6 p.m. this evening; a few of us locals will be attending the Cats' Draft Party at Duffy's in Fort Lauderdale (the other is in Coconut Creek) but keeping tabs on the thread via mobile. NBC Sports Network will be broadcasting tonight's action, followed by NHL Network coverage of the remaining rounds tomorrow (chat opens at 9 a.m.) Happy Friday, all...and sorry 'bout the Scarface thing, Mike; you know we love ya.