Preseason GameDay Caterwaul: Tampa Bay Lightning at Florida Panthers

Our dry-run shakedown cruise prior to next week, so please pardon the dust; this is a very incomplete 'Waul!

A quick explanation of exactly what this is for those new to the community: LBC GameDay Caterwauls are open forums designed for fans to interact and share insight, post theories, link to game-relevant articles/Tweets and generally discuss the Main Event and GameThread to follow. Heard a lineup update? Players scratched or added? Post it below! And please no sharing of illegal/pirate video feeds (there won't be one tonight anyway); if there is an officially sanctioned broadcast, we'll let you know.

The regular season version is certainly more in-depth with lots of information on both teams, game-related linkage, stats and videos so do check back next Saturday and every game day to follow throughout 2015-16. Today we're winging it, essentially so I can jump back into the groove of these things.

Anyway, a hearty Thank You from all of us here at the 'Box for tuning in, be that time measured in weeks, months or years (8!).


Last game for the Cats: 4-2 victory over the Stars Sunday in Dallas

Last game for the Bolts: 4-3 (reg) home win over, yep, the Stars on Wednesday


NHL Video Preview

Sadly not available during preseason :(


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