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Recap: Florida Panthers find way to lose at home in final moments to Boston Bruins, allow comeback to go meaningless

This will more or less wind up as a Caterwaul, as Recap Regulars Chris and Ryan are unavailable tonight to give their own take on Thursday’s event (game stats here), so we’ll keep it an easy-going affair. Which actually isn’t all that easy, given the Panthers were on the upswing as this game morphed into its final moments. Boston’s Reilly Smith ended any hopes for a full-bore comeback with 59 seconds remaining in the game, and that’s where the anger begins. Or ends. Whatever.

I’m personally far too angry, way too invested in the Cats, and certainly enjoying my time with a newborn son to provide a non-biased take on Thursday’s match, so we’ll turn to you, the fans, to give the world your opinion. A dying cause or organization on the rise?

Early solution for Cats:

Fire Dineen 29
Fire one/both of Dino’s assistants 11
Make a minor trade 18
Make a major trade 52