Report: Tarnasky, four Panthers prospects to go UFA

From the Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten:

The Panthers have made qualifying offers to restricted free agents Jason Garrison, Kenndal McArdle, Mike Duco, Jordan Henry and Tyler Plante.

Winger Nick Tarnasky wasn’t extended an offer and will become unrestricted on July 1, as will Peter Aston, Luke Beaverson, Dan Collins and Andrew Sweetland.

No earthshaking surprises here, though it's interesting GM Dale Tallon has taken a shine to McArdle; Coach Pete must remain rather high on the former first-rounder after a very solid stay with the Cats until injury - again - forced him out of the lineup.

Tarnasky was a limited - though sporadically fun to watch - role player whose purpose on a club moving in a new direction had eroded to nil. While we're on the subject of cleaning out some dusty cabinets, how about this suggestion...


2010-2011: $266,667
2011-2012: $466,667

So in theory, erasing Randy Sexton's only major gaffe would cost roughly the equivelent of fifteen years' worth of personalized urinal pucks. BankAtlantic Center's a rather large facility, after all.

Gorten also noted Tallon sees wrapping up Garrison long-term is a "priority" of management. As well it should.