Saturday Caterwaul: Cats in Nashville to face, well, Cats

Found this little nugget via STATS, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

"’s been 11 years to the day since Florida’s last win in Nashville"

A statement like that would tend to carry a lot of weight at first glance, but in the Big Picture it's not nearly as heavy as having endured six straight losses to the Washington Capitals - a constant divisional menace - before Thursday's unthinkable 3-0 victory in D.C.

One to watch: Mike Santorelli, making his return to Nashville - where he was a fixture on the forward lines not designated first, second, or third - since joining Florida over the summer. Unsurprisingly, Tomas Vokoun will be in net.

So the onus is once more on the Panthers to break another recent and dubious club tradition: that of winning four games in a row, which has never been accomplished in Peter DeBoer's tenure as head coach. A straight victory this evening would also bring Florida to an even .500 on the season at 14-14, a position as close to the doorstep of Fantasy Land as the most hardened fan could have dreamt only two weeks ago.

Um, on second thought, forget I typed all that. Please. In the meantime, check out On The Forecheck's preview of tonight's match here.

LBC's Live Game Chat rocks on at 6:30.