Saturday Caterwaul: Panthers GameDay Open Forum

Worked all last evening, hence no "quick take" postgame wrap. But I did see the match in the background, and wish to offer up a couple of thoughts on the Rangers' 3-0 win over Florida:

  • The power play continues to suck wind: 0-for-5 once again, the Pathers have so far whiffed on their past 33 opportunities. They are now 5-for-73 in 21 games, aka dead last in the league at 6.8%.
  • Not officially labeled as a power play, but coach Peter DeBoer - in a final last-ditch attempt at manufacturing some offense - yanked netminder Scott Clemmensen with 3:32 remaining in regulation, allowing for a 6-on-5 for the rest of the night. Didn't score, but didn't allow any either; a very weak moral victory of sorts.
  • Forty shots on goal should be a recipe for a compelling storyline, but Henrik Lundqvist had the goalmouth sealed up tight. Perhaps shooting at a target other than dead-center on his chest will provide better results next time out.
  • Forwards Shawn Matthias and - especially - Chris Higgins looked positively browbeaten in postgame dressing room interviews. It was all too easy to guess that a major "event" had taken place behind closed doors after the final buzzer.

Which leads to this: my own opinion and observation, but barring the unlikely event of a game featuring golden perfection at Tampa Bay tonight (against a Lightning squad thoroughly embarrassed 6-0 by Washington only a day ago), DeBoer and assistant Jim Hulton are toast. It's referred to as "accountability".

Live Game Chat at 7pm (no local television).