Saturday Caterwaul - Panthers Open Forum

That third period pass from Nathan Horton up to a flying Michael Frolik was a thing of remarkable beauty:

Um, the goal was nice too. The Cats dodged a bloody big bullet by holding on for a regulation win against New Jersey on what ostensibly was Martin Brodeur Night.

(Notice the three statements in the above sentence which are almost never, ever employed in unison: "Cats dodged", "holding on", and "regulation win"? Say it ain't so, Randy...)

So what's ahead for Florida as they cruise into balmy Pittsburgh this evening? Was Friday a fluke, engineered by hype over Brodeur's potential for his date with eternity? Has Frolik officially "arrived"? Safely under the radar flew Stephen Weiss, back on the scoresheet with two assists, has shown solid consistency and durability this year; is he finally the centerman fans have clamored for all this time? And do the Panthers really have any chance at all in balmy Pittsburgh?

What's on your mind?