Scouring eBay: gifts for the eclectic Panthers fan


When all other seventh-day pursuits have been exhausted, there's always that last bastion of free-market goodness: eBay. Had been a while since my last visit, so thought it might be high time for a peek at what trash interesting items might be lurking. Or what some shmo may have slapped a Florida logo onto, anyway.

After the jump: it's that special time of year...


With Christmas around the corner, this lot of forty-eight Santa Claus figurines (one for each room in your home...and the homes of all your family) is a must-have item for the holidays. And it's certified authentic, so you're not only shopping smart,  you're shopping safely.



Jassen Cullimore! Jacques Martin! Anthony Stewart! These are the autographs that never fall out of demand, especially when Sharpied to a snappy sweater. Couple of others as well (who's this Bouwmeester character?), but we know where your loyalties reside.



This is actually pretty sweet: a full-size replica goaltender mask with 22 signatures, and includes the NHL Player of the Month for October, Colorado's Craig Anderson.



This doesn't exactly run into jersey-foul territory, so you can feel secure sporting the Vancouver captain's number 1 on a sweater which didn't exist when he actually played for the Cats. No harm here.



No, they're not Christmas-killing neckties, they're blades for a ceiling fan (included). When this just isn't enough for the old man's parlor.



Having trouble locating "Berry" in the team's history (perhaps a training camp walk-on? Or this guy?), but evidently the good folks selling this "Official NHL GAME USED" practice jersey didn't suffer the same fate. Bid with confidence knowing this item "came directly from the St. Pete's Times Forum Equipment Room". No bids as yet which is rather surprising, given the lowball $110 starting price for a prized piece of Florida's past.



Though older, there's some pretty decent stuff in this lot of seven items, ranging from sweaters to signed pictures, plaques, and a duffel bag.



This personalized Bar Sign wouldn't look too out of place near the ceiling fan from earlier. In honor of one of our favorite Boxers, we've taken the liberty of having this one ready to go under the tree. No need to thank us, Vanessa.



Finally, this stunning package, featuring The Dan Marino Suite, includes: 30 tickets to the above pictured skybox for November 25th, 13 Lexus Parking Lot passes, an attendant, and a $400 food/beverage credit (which, being a suite, should get you a burger and six pack of canned domestic beer). How can you miss for 3500 bones? The place will be rockin' in any case: the Panthers host the Rangers that night.

Go Cats.